The Process

S03 Creative's process is simply put, enabling you as the client through means of high-energy and efficient artwork achieve a higher level of marketing reaching a broader audience than before. Our company places a high value on our art level and efficiency ensuring that your project will remain on time, on budget, and most of all, on level with the audience you are reaching.


Communicating and identifying your specific goals for your project is one of the first step in our process. With you on board, S03 Creative feels that through research and target analysis our company and your company grow together as we learn about your competitors, your industry, and who you are targeting to reach. We like knowing our clients feel apart of the process especially in a such a curical stage of development and by asking questions and learning about who you are we have a better opportunity of bonding and working as a team. In this development stage, we gather information through questions concerning everything from what specific needs your audience is looking for and how they will be best reached by marketing.

We will assess and gather information to discuss different approaches to reach your audience effectively. S03 Creative will analyze other marketing and design ideas used by competitors to see how they have reached the goals and needs of consumers. By seeing the pros and cons of their delivery we can narrow down the best motive to reach out to the demographic you are targeting. S03 Creative will discuss your visual style and approach in the past as well as what you want to see in the future in your art and design of your marketing pieces.

Then we will create a blueprint and idea of the promotional material and discuss making sure that the resulting material clearly outlines the goals and requirements that you as our client sees fit.


The creative process is put together in terms outlined by the client and discussed by both sides until artwork is approved. S03 Creative works to create concepts and visual presentations for the client to choose from in order to prepare for the production stage. Using elements mentioned through communication between both parties, the artwork is developed and processed and then delivered for the client to review the art direction.


Once the direction has been approved, revisions and changes are passed from client to S03 Creative to refine the artwork to narrow down the direction of the promotional piece. This process may vary according to the amount of revisions chosen by the client in the original contract. Once artwork is finalized and approved and the designs fit the feel and look for the client's approach towards their industry, it is then delivered to the client to distribute.

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