About S03

S03 Creative is an icon of artist Rick Brewer and company. Rick created the company as an effective means to develop efficient and progressive works for various types of companies in their particular market. The main purpose of S03 is to provide the client an answer to its marketing need.

In 2005, Rick started freelance design using the alias slickers03. It was a small side job while attending college, but as each job came, his passion for what he did, grew. Rick has had the opportunity to learn and grow in graphic arts as well as photography, animation, film, and web design. His expertise expanded from designing solo ads to major marketing campaigns for companies throughout the U.S. as well as international clients from countries such as Japan and Czechoslovakia.

On a business level, S03 Creative continues to perform in the field with expertise granting every client the right to feel like they were given the same amount of passion and focus as the next.

On a personal level, the company guarantees a relationship in working together as a team. We will make sure that you will feel a vibe of enthusiasm and energy in both communication and in work.

Thank you for stopping by and looking at our art. If you yourself are interested in seeing what we can create for you, then drop us a note at info@S03Creative.com.

We're a giant leap ahead.

  • Rick Brewer
  • Rick Brewer
  • Owner and
    creator of S03